Hackerspaces Meetup/2009

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An attempt to get multiple hackerspaces in the same place at the same time with the goal of organizing a hackerspaces con for the next year.

Where: Huntsville, AL



Hotel Info


  • A type of panel discussion where members of various hackerspaces get up before the room and present a problem with their space and let the room try and solve it. The idea being that surely there's another space that's already dealt with said problem and can offer advice.


  • Makers Local 256, Huntsville, AL
  • Freeside, Atlanta, GA
  • Hacker Consortium, Nashville, TN
  • Cowtown Computer Congress, Kansas City, KS
  • Hak-it, Indiantown, FL
  • ibt, Gainesville, FL
  • Tx/Rx Labs, Houston, TX
  • foulabs, Montreal, Quebec, CA


  • Perhaps try and get a discounted rate or free access to the Space & Rocket Center.
  • Possible schwag being something hackable.
  • Do we all like the name "metaspace"? Or "the metaspace con"?

Ideas for Events

  • Makeshop overnight "camp-in" at 403 Brown Street
  • 2-hour make-a-thon, 6-hour make-a-thon
  • Panel discussions on overcoming various hackerspace problems
  • Hackerspace show-n-tell