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*[[User:Ratmandu]] (Only contactable via the .94 repeater).
*[[User:Ratmandu]] (Only contactable via the .94 repeater).
*[[User:Bendersgame]] (Has no idea what he is talking about).

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Getting licensed to operate a Ham radio is very simple and straightforward. You simply show up to a scheduled test and for a small fee, take the test and get your license.


There are three classes of licenses:

  • Technician class - This is the introductory class and easiest to get.
  • General Class - A step up from the Tech class and with more rights.
  • Amateur Extra - The "bragging rights" class. Difficult and arcane test required.


Upcoming test: Aug 20, 2011: Huntsville Hamfest.


No nonsense Study guides:

Practice tests:

People who can help: (Feel free to add names to the list)