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* [[User:tylercrumpton|tylercrumpton]]
* [[User:tylercrumpton|tylercrumpton]]
* [[User:Preauxphoto|preaux]]
* [[User:Preauxphoto|preaux]]
* [[User:JimShoe|JimShoe]]
== Photos ==
== Photos ==

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Event Information

  • Name: May 2013 Instructables Build Night - Conductive Paint
  • Organizer: tylercrumpton
  • Date: Saturday, May 18th, 2013
  • Time: 1PM - midnight (Free pizza at 6PM!)
  • Location: The shop
  • Cost to Attend: $0


Project Name Description Creator Instructables Link
Sample Project This is a sample entry in the project list. Copy this template when add your project! tylercrumpton Link


If you come up with some sweet ideas for projects, throw them here so someone who needs some inspiration can see!

  • lasercut PCB using conductive paint on top of a backing of {cardstock,cardboard,acrylic,plywood}
  • silkscreen conductive paint onto a backing for making a PCB (ask MrWorld for silkscreen assistance?)
  • Giant theremin something like the drawdio but on hall wall
  • Foxhole Radio




  • May 18 2013, 1:00pm - 10:00pm: Instructables Build Night - Conductive Paint (pizza at 6!)