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We're going to start sending press releases sometime in August 2010, so Trevor and I are looking for places to send them. Trevor has a large database of people and places to send press releases or solicitation/invitations, but we could always send more. Please add any person, website or organization you can think of that might be relevant as a place to promote the shop. Emails are free, so there's no harm in sending it and it could generate more word of mouth for the shop.

  • Organizations
    • Huntsville Young Professionals
    • IEEE
    • University Student Organizations (UAH, Alabama A&M, Calhoun)
    • Your Suggestion Here
  • Websites
    • Hackaday
    • Wired
    • BoingBoing
    • Hacked Gadgets
    • Your Suggestion Here
  • Individual people
    • Dean of Engineering, UAH, Calhoun
    • Your Suggestion Here
  • News Outlets
    • Consider an OpEd in the Huntsville Times about Us, along with other papers and blogs.