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We're going to start sending press releases sometime in August 2010, so Trevor and I are looking for places to send them. Trevor has a large database of people and places to send press releases or solicitation/invitations, but we could always send more. Please add any person, website or organization you can think of that might be relevant as a place to promote the shop. Emails are free, so there's no harm in sending it and it could generate more word of mouth for the shop.


  • Huntsville Young Professionals
  • IEEE
  • University Student Organizations (UAH, Alabama A&M, Calhoun)
  • Huntsville Chamber of Commerce
    • Lucia Cape, Vice President, Workforce - Was impressed by one of our presentations at the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce Expo. She would be interested in Makers Local 256 participating in future Huntsville expo events. Contact:, (256)535-2033. Website:
  • Your Suggestion Here

Local news

  • WLRH
  • Local Network Affiliates
  • Huntsville Times - 42 Magazine
    • For news tips or event you want 42 Magazine (the local Huntsville technology magazine) to cover, or to advertise in their publication, send them an e-mail at:
    • They report on local technology happenings in Huntsville and are a great outlet for us to reach Huntsville's greater technology crowd.
    • We previously did an interview with them on 12/9/11. It has been featured in their 12/15/11 publication.
    • Frank Brown of 42 Magazine was invited to the Makers Local 256 11/11/11 Open House. He unfortunately could not make the event, but he did say he was interested in coming to a future event for a future story in 42 as he is interested in us. He has even followed our Twitter feed on 42's feed so now our events are publicized to 42's readership. More info on Frank Brown - Editor, profile:
  • Valley Planet
  • Consider an OpEd in the Huntsville Times about Us, along with other papers and blogs. Can also hit up local associations fliers and college newspapers.
  • Post upcoming events in the community section of the local news papers.

Large scale publications, websites

  • Hackaday
  • Wired
  • BoingBoing
  • Hacked Gadgets
  • Make Magazine
  • Huntsville R&D
  • NextDoor

Individual people

  • Dean of Engineering, UAH, Calhoun
  • Human Resource Managers and Marketing Managers at local businesses
  • Your Suggestion Here

Guerrilla Marketing

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