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Rules and Guidelines

  • Call To Vote Date:
    • Called by: --CrashCart 07:23, 9 May 2011 (CDT)
    • Seconded by:


A set of rules that protect the interest of the organization as well as the rights (and sanity) of our members.


RULES -are immediately punishable as outlined in the DISCIPLINE section.

1 Do not do anything illegal In the shop space or with shop recourses, including but not limited to: tools, computers, mailing lists, IRC, or Internet connection. 2 Do not harass any member or guest in any way. Including but not limited to: racial, religious, sexual, or bullying. 3 Do not abuse or intentionally harm anything that is not yours. 4 If someone asks you to stop, then STOP. 5 Alcohol may be consumed at the shop, however, you may not operate power tools while intoxicated

GUIDELINES -are more lenient or conceptual to the purpose of the organization.

1 First do no harm 2 Always remember we are a community embracing new ideas and free thought, everyone is welcome. 3 The shop is not for storage, keep your long term storage inside your designated space. 4 Label your things, so everyone knows they are yours. 5 Put tools and projects away when you are done for the day. 6 If you are not sure how someone will react to something ASK them first. This applies to music, videos, conversation, etc. 7 If you are “Trolling”, please make it known, then refer to Rule 4


1 If you see any member or guest breaking a rule, you should first ask them to stop, if you are able. 2 If you ask them to stop and they persist, or if you do not feel comfortable confronting them: you may report the infraction to a board member. The board, or a person appointed by the board, must then investigate, reprimand, or mediate at their discretion. A written warning is encouraged to have a record of the indecent. 3 If a member willfully persists in any infraction, and after an official written warning from the board has been given, the board has the option to create a proposal to revoke that person's membership.


  • These rules were painstakingly put together and advocated by someone who dislikes excessive rules. Please appreciate that he is trying to meet some people half-way here.
  • It is purposeful that these rules are not actually PART of the bylaws. This allows us to be much more flexible at revising these rules as the needs change. (Microsoft method: ship it now, patch it later)