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This page is a placeholder for ordering and distributing vinyl for the vinyl cutter. It will be used to track usage and material, so that we know how much vinyl is left on a roll at any given time. If we make group orders, that can be organized here as well.

Group Orders

First Vinyl Order!

Our first vinyl roll purchase from USCutter. May possibly include transfer tape and extra cutting blades. Shipping is $9.00 for the entire order. This adhesive vinyl runs about $18-$20 per 30ft roll of 30" material.

Maker Amount Desired colors
tylercrumpton $40.00 Matte White (#M10), Matte Black (#M70), Light Navy (#050), Sunflower (#020)
Alii TBD White (#010 or #M10?)
Phil $40.00 Glossy Black (#070), Forrest Green (#060), Real Red (#030), a Dark Blue (#050 or #065)
Korc $20.00 Matte White (#M10), Matte Black (#M70)
ramgarden $10.00 Matte White (#M10), Matte Black (#M70)
Omegix $10.00 Black (#070 or #M70?)
Sue Thorn $10.00 Real Red (#030)
MissScarlet $20.00 Matte White (#M10)
Daniel Valdez $20.00 "Reflex Blue" (in the process of finding the closest color)
Total: $150.00 + TBD

We currently have enough pledges for 8 rolls. Tentative list for roll selection (subject to change and discussion):

  • 2 rolls of Matte White (#M10)
  • 1 roll of Matte Black (#M70)
  • 1 roll of Real Red (#030)
  • 1 roll of Light Navy (#050)
  • 1 roll of the blue that Daniel decides on
  • 2 rolls from this list: Matte White (#M10), Matte Black (#M70), Glossy Black (#070), Forrest Green (#060), Sunflower (#020)

The undecided rolls will be determined by percentage weight of funding (desired colors that are closer to a full roll will be chosen first), and ties will be decided by vote. Complicated, I know.