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Having organized some events at Makers Local, I wanted to offer some advice to others who are considering putting together an event or teaching a class at the shop. These are obviously not rules, there's certainly no obligation to do any of these. It's highly likely that not all of them will apply to your event, depending on the scale and the intended audience.


Some events are fun just to do on the fly, sometimes you want to get stuff laid out in advance, thankfully plenty of tools are already in place

  • Get a wiki page - so much easier to keep track of everything.
  • Have a planning meeting - feel free to send an email to the makers' member list asking for volunteers, find a time to meet up and talk about what you are trying to do and find out what others can provide.
    • Take notes so you can remember who said they'd bring what.
  • Ask the Facilities Director if there's any concerns about the building, if you need something moved or the place cleaned.


Most of these are simple, easy and don't take long to set up. There's more about some methods on Public Relations

  • Article on Makers Local homepage
  • Add to the wiki calendar, so it shows up in our Twitter feed
  • IRC Channel topic
  • Send an email to the general list
  • Post to Reddit
  • Facebook event
  • Fliers - tons of places to put these up
    • UAH
    • A&M
    • Bandito
    • Flying Monkey
    • The Deep
  • WLRH - NPR records ads for free on behalf of any non-profit
  • Issue press releases

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