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Note that the following information is archival and will be updated as soon as a new time for the event has been planned.


We definitely need more funds coming in to the shop, so I thought I'd start brainstorming for an event to host at the shop. Crashcartpro ran a small event a little while ago and it seemed to work.

Basic Event Information

  • Name: Makers LAN Slam
  • Proposed Date: August 28
  • Time: 8 pm
  • Location: Make Shop
  • Cost to Attend: $3? $5? To be discussed
  • Game Tournaments, with cheap prizes (like BFG)


Proposed Date: Saturday August 28 at 8pm, far enough that it won't conflict with our next Open House

Planning Dates

Planning Meeting: TBD


  • Tournaments
    • Starcraft 2 will be out by then
    • Super Street Fighter 4
    • Suggest a game


  • Brian - organizing
  • Trevor - Issuing press releases and fliers
    • Working table for admissions
  • Omegix - contacted BAWLS for sponsorship (product or cash donation)

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