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Note: This is for archival purposes. Times and locations are outdated.


Daniel Horton asked if we could have a booth showing off our good works at the next UAH Lan Party.

  • Thursday, November 18 at the University Center
  • Set up begins at 4 PM and goes on until midnight
  • Event officially starts at 5
    • Don't worry about being there at 3, just come when you can.
  • We're going to have tables, about 2x8
    • Power supplies and extension chords are covered
  • External internet access is provided

The event's homepage is:


All that you have to do is bring something to show interested people and talk about what you do at the shop. There will be brochures to hand out, too. You certainly don't have to be there all night, if you can just come for an hour and talk to people who come by the booth you'd be doing the shop a favor. I'm making rounds and asking folks about what they're working on, but I'm sure I'm going to forget someone - please don't wait on me, you can add yourself below.

Projects Confirmed

  • Photo Booth - confirmed
  • Table Tennis for Two / oscilliscope pong - crashcartpro - confirmed
  • Drink backpack - present
    • The back pack will be there, gregabyte not so much
  • HSIS - spacefelix - confirmed, will be there at 7pm
  • Costuming - Wayne - probable
  • CNC Mill - Mog - confirmed
  • RC Mower - Omegix tentative
  • Your project here

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