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  • May 21 2017, 11:00am - 5:00pm: TextilesCraftEnclosureLab Construction

Everything Else

Work Days

  • Sunday, May 14th will be the next work day for this effort
  • Tuesday, May 9th Jeff and Travis are running networking cabling
  • Sunday, May 7th will be the first work day for this effort


  • Tool area has new benches and shelves built by Phil and Travis, Michele painted them.
  • Ramset and Romex returned.
  • AC unit installed
  • Lost and Found shelving was shortened so that the AC unit could go above it.
  • Daniel ran electrical for the room, and reinforced the walls with Travis.
  • French doors with windows are being built for $100
  • 10 Sheets of free drywall acquired by Travis
  • Network cables are run, unterminated
  • Framing is completed
  • Old Storage Area has been re-arranged
  • Old Tool area cleared out and swept. Tools and materials temporarily stored in not-storage.
  • Insulation has been collected from Andy C. and Lowell. Just insulation from ctag left to collect.
  • We found a roll of black insulation that can be used on project.
Free \ Donated Materials
  • CAT5e
  • Wood for framing
  • Drywall (Value of 10 x $8 = $80)
  • Peg Board
  • Wall Insulation (Value of $140+)
  • AC unit
  • Romex (Value of $56)
  • Daniel donated PVC conduit and electrical misc. such as staples and such (~$20)
  • $100 (Jeff Donation)
  • $200 (Jeff Risk Money, Hoping to be Reimbursed)
  • $200 (From Mel, priority going to door related costs, and the rest available for textiles room completion)
  • $50 (From Hfuller for french doors with windows)
  • -$075.00 On Ramset, Nails, and .22 cartridges for Ramset (Jeff)
  • -$010.00 on Screws (Michele)
  • -$070.47 = $11 (outlets) + $56 (250ft of romex) + tax\misc for electrical. (Jeff SQ -> Travis)
  • +$119.00 Returned Ramset, and Romex
  • +$200.00 From Mel (Makers Local Has $150 Of This)
  • +$050.00 From Hunter
  • -$100.00 For french doors with windows
Planned Expenditures
  • 10 Additional Pieces of Drywall: 10 x $8 = $80
  • Total Planned: $80
Potential Expenditures
  • White Sheeting: $10 (Jeff has, can be used for this project)
  • R-19 Insulation: $140
  • Showerboard 5 x $16 = $80
  • Miscellaneous: $100
Optional Paths to Completion (ie. Room is useable but Further Improvements can be made later.)
  • Finish walls, but Forgo Finishing the ceiling / Doors crowdsourced
    • Saves >$165 + 300

TOTAL: $175

  • Finish Interior walls, but Forgo Ceiling and External walls. / Doors crowdsourced
    • Saves >$180 + 300

TOTAL: $135

The Plan

  1. Move equipment from Tool area next to existing fab lab wall
    1. Relocate all shop property in the shelving units next to not-storage.
    2. Break down both shelving units next to not-storage into scrap, or put on street
    3. Build a work table for the tabletop CNC to go on in this newly vacated area.
    4. Move lockers to next to new work table
    5. Move Radial Arm Saw, Mill, and Vaccuum Former into newly vacated area
  2. Take out unused modules of sawdust collection unit that is run into the existing tool area.
  3. Leave FabLab wall where it is.
  4. Build new wall #1 next to post where radial arm saw currently is. No entrance.
  5. Build new wall #2, closest to shop tables, with french door
  6. Move Air Conditioners
    1. Move Air conditioner from existing FabLab Wall to the FabLab wall closer to where the shop tables are.
    2. Install spare air conditioner in new wall #2.
    3. Re-route the auto-draining system from the AirConditioner condensation run-off
      • Can we put buckets under the AC temporarily until the room is completed?
  7. Break down textiles table, re-assemble inside new room
  8. Build shelves or bring in narrow tables for sewing machines to be placed.
  9. Move textiles equipment into new room

Building the Walls

  • Framing
    • We needed a 52 count of 2x4's at a 93" length. We have 64+ stored in the AV area.
  • Networking: Two drops per wall, unterminated, 8 cables total going up to the switch on the balcony like how the fablab is done.
  • Power: TBD. This was a talking point we missed.
  • Insulation
    • Using R19 in the Ceiling (240 sqft). Cost is $140.
      • We can use R30 in the ceiling, but it's more expensive, so unless it's donated we're going R19.
    • Using R13 in the walls (480 sqft). Cost is $250.
      • Lowell is donating TBD amount of R13 rolls. Collected
      • Andy C. (jeff's friend) has kraft faced batting. Figuring out a pickup time now. Collected
      • Barbara may have insulation her father can donate. Her dad is using it, unavailable
      • Ctag has a single panel (roughly 8' x 3') of insulation he is bringing to the shop.
    • We could use blown cellulose for the walls and it would cost $140 (cellulose) + $50 (blower rental). Seeing how much insulation we can get donated before making this decision.
    • Plastic Sheeting
      • Using black plastic sheeting on the walls. Cost is $21. We found a roll from the last insulation, no longer have to purchase more.
      • Using white plastic sheeting on the ceilings. Cost is $25.
  • Walls: Cost TBD
    • Using Remaining Peg Board as interior walls.
    • Using "showerboard" melamine sheeting for external walls, and whatever walls are not covered by the peg board on the inside of the room.
    • Drywall, which we're not planning on using, is $8 per 4x8 sheet.
  • Entrance
    • Going down to one door. Needs to be a french door so we can move large items in and out. Pricing at The Restore place soon.

Questions to be answered

  • How many electrical outlets will textiles need, and where? (Phil Answers: In talking with Michelle, we decided to use Wall mounted power strips, like we've done on the Work Tables. A source of these is known to Hunter.)
  • What existing shelves does textiles want to keep? Can they keep them, or will the tool area need them? (Phil Opines: Currently the only shelves in the #AreaOfEnclosure are on the north wall(the south wall of the FabLab), they are not pretty. My preference would be to remove them in order to put in more workbench space. We will want to have shelves for equipment storage though.)

Additional Info

  • Location
    • The textiles room creation planning meeting was held Tuesday May 2nd, 2017 @ 6pm
  • Funding: Jeff is fronting $300 of risk money and will ask for reimbursement at a later time.

The Plan We're Not Doing: A.1

  1. Move equipment from Tool area next to existing fab lab wall
    1. Disperse unused shop property from left most shelving unit next to metal supply
    2. Break down left most shelving unit into scrap, or put on street
    3. Build a work table for the tabletop CNC to go on
    4. Move lockers to next to new work table
  2. Take out module of sawdust collection unit that is run into that area.
  3. Move fab lab wall to first wooden post. Not the wooden post closest to the radial arm saw.
  4. Build new wall. Only entrance to area will be from existing fab lab door.
  5. Break down textiles table, re-assemble inside newly expanded room
  6. Build shelves or bring in narrow tables for sewing machines to be placed.
  7. Move textiles equipment into new room