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Textiles Migration

  • Get some facts.
    • We've pointed at spots on the floor out in the shop, but to where exactly will the fablab be expanded to. How much floor space is it.
    • What's this new space's plan? Remove existing wall and move it? Two doors? Carpet, flooring, bare concrete? I've half a mind to put down VCT in the fablab at the present...
    • How much will it cost, and in what materials -- drywall, insulation, AC, 2x4s, etc. Hopefully more accurate than the bathroom estimates, since we already know what's behind those walls.
    • How will power be supplied to the new area. New circuit, extension cords..
  • Clear out the tools area.
    • The shop's becoming ever more cramped, and we're not always great at managing space on top of that. We'll have to find new homes for everything in the way.
  • Get the materials.
    • The facilities fund is a few hundred in the hole from the current renovation. Maybe some TNFs will fix that, or I'll be able to permanently eat the cost within the next few paychecks, or the textiles project can have a sponsor.
    • I plan for the facilities fund to always have ~$200 slush in it for buying paper towels and soap. So I didn't factor that balance into the bathroom.
    • I'll greenlight staging for materials in not-storage. Like the bathroom.
  • Do it? That's really as far as my planning has gotten to right now.

To Do

    • Tools area breakers
    • AV area wiring clusterfuck
    • Outlets that need attention
      • Kitchen switch and outlet
      • Hallway bathroom
      • Office bathroom
      • Front door
    • Install Unistrut for Radio Mast Mount \ Camera Mount
    • To be installed either on the corner of the building, or if that is not feasable, behind member storage.
    • Ctag and Omegix to install on 2016.05.21 (Cleanup Day)
    • New exterior usb port on door.
    • usb/nfc auth on back door.
    • Fix front door wiring
  • Set up consumables tracking.
    • Item "Stock" for shop?
    • Items that should always be available (soap, duct tape) are voted on by the membership, and then facilities committee works to keep them in stock.
    • LED matrix in soda machine
    • other vending machine Qt interface
    • Other vending machine item supply
    • Install water heater timer
    • [doing] Renovate bathroom
      • New linoleum floor
      • CNC new sink cabinet
      • Better fan? Connect fan to outside exhaust?
  • Drywall (+ artwork) around upstairs banister
  • Replace bikeshed
  • Ceiling fan blades in office.
  • Traction tape on stairs.
  • opening office window.
    • Finish installing ceiling.
    • Install shelving.
    • [done] fablab AC
      • Thanks Travis!
  • [done] Organize lost and found
    • Four shelves. Four weeks.
      • Three weeks to collect item.
      • fourth week anyone can take it.
      • End of the fourth week item is tossed.
    • All incoming/outgoing items are cataloged.
    • [doing] Move main first aid kit out of bathroom.
    • Provide floorplan of safety equipment
    • Provide on-demand lectures for first aid.
  • Shop tours? Field trips?
    • The shop -- as a nonprofit with the stated goal of spreading the maker spirit -- should be an amazing place for school field trips. Currently I actively avoid them, because there's no way to guarantee that the kids don't encounter a drunk member in the shop. Fixing the problem then censors members in the name of making the shop kid-friendly, which it isn't.
    • I think a solution to this dilemma would be to schedule field trips, and then alert the shop that there will be a dry day when no alcohol consumption or obscenity will be tolerated.
    • Bikeshedding
      • Shasta?
    • Bikeshed


Bathroom Renovation



  • Bathroom floor
    • 6' x 5'
  • Horizontal Trim
    • 36 & 1/4" from floor

Old Vanity:

  • Existing Vanity
    • front: 24" x 30"
  • Footwell
    • 4" x 4"

New Vanity:

  • Plywood
    • 5/16" thick
  • New Countertop
    • 28" x 25" (w x d)
    • 5" tall at rear panel
    • 1&1/2" tall at front lip
    • 3/4" thick at middle section
  • New Vanity Frame
    • (36.25 - 5) = 31.25" tall
    • 27.5" wide
    • 23.5" deep
  • Footwell
    • 4" x 4"


  • [HAVE - Norm] Countertop
  • Floor Tiles ($0.69 per ft^2)
  • Adhesive ($13.47 per gallon)
  • Rubber Trim ($69.97)
    • 4" tall, 120' long
  • Glue for Trim ($4.97)
    • Probably need two
  • Sealer ($15.87 per gallon)
  • High Efficiency Toilet ($100)
  • Wall Paint ($???)
  • Drywall ($12)

Estimated Total Cost: $243

Stair Treads

Shop has 13 stairs. Need 13 treads.

Stairs are 32" x 9"

A pack of 12 traction tape pieces is on the way.