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This page has been archived and superseded by other lists.

  1. Assist Move to 414 Stevens Ave and with shop To Dos.
  2. Shop Safety
    1. Mount additional fire extinguishers (Per 3/10 Member Meeting). We will need 10 lbs ABC extinguishers, 1 within 75 feet of each other.
    2. Mount Smoke and CO Detectors.
    3. Place Emergency Evacuation/Safe Zone Placards; Fire and Disaster
      • Build and mount an 'EXIT' sign on exits and 'EMERGENCY EXIT' as needed with directions on how to open. Can be lit. Try glow-in-the-dark paint. (Per 3/10 Member Meeting)
      • Designate Safe Zones for Disasters
    4. Place Emergency Kits - For Disaster Scenarios; flashlights, radios, survival and medical gear, ect.
    5. Establish Hazard and Safety Placards and Procedures Signage
    6. Establish Material Safety Data Sheets & Manuals for Equipment Binder
    7. Bringing Shop Up to Standards and Codes - Fire, Building & Safety
      • It has been noted that there are some aspects of the shop that are not up to spec for insurance purposes. Need to research relevant standards and codes and bring shop up to requirements.
      • Radon Test & Mitigation - See 414StevensAve#Fire/Disaster/Hazards under 'Radon'.
  3. Summer Appreciation - Making the shop enjoyable through the summer heat. Looking at ECD 5/11. Per Shop Heating & Cooling
    1. Installing A/Cs
    2. Weatherization