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How to turn on heater:

See that light switch on the RIGHT of the heater? Leave that swich the hell alone. That's the switch that lets the heater turn on at all. If the fan on the heater won't turn on, you know, maybe fiddle with this switch. What are you doing? Didn't I just tell you not to touch that switch?

On the LEFT of the heater there's a gas line with a red handled valve. that needs to be running in the same direction as the gas line it's attached to to let the spice flow. The spice must flow for the heater to work. Paul Atreides says so.

See that Thermostat? No? Look harder. Yeah, that one. Ok, that thermostat has a switch on it's left side. The switch needs to be set to heat. The thermostat probably needs to be set to some warm temperature as well.

Ok, now if the cover is off of the heater, which is probably will be cause the damn thing is finnicky, you're going to see the fan turn on. And then after a bit a glow plug will light up nice and orange like. And then FWOOOSH! Yeah. No, you didn't miss anything. The damn thing just grumpy and doesn't like you. Sure, Kinsey will tell you that within three tries it'll usually light, and you'll start getting warm and toasty- LET ME TELL YOU THAT MAN LIES.

So right about now you're probably cold. and pissed. Go find yourself a long lighter. If you're religious, say a little prayer, cause you're about to jab a lit object into something emitting natural gas. Sure, if you're mechanically inclined you probably know this is moderately safe. There's cut off valves, and not that much gas emitting during the ignition time, blah blah blah. But if you're NOT mechanically inclined, this probably feels like a great a way to kill yourself as any. Done praying? Cool. May the force be with you.

Now the glow plug is going to light up something fierce again, and you're going to light your long lighter and put it in the far right gas emitter, in the open space. With any luck, it will light. You may have do to this 1 bojillion times till you get it right. Or maybe you'll get it on the first try. Isn't it nice to be you?

Remember to turn the heater off when you leave. At the thermostat. If you lit this baby up, this baby is now you're responsibility. So if you leave and someone else is in the shop, ask them if they want to take responsibility for turning it off, or if they want you to turn it off before you leave.

Don't forget that last step. People get real damn pissy if they have to drive down here just to turn off the heater. I did it once and Greg punched me in the face.