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In Construction
Born On:
17:51, 28 November 2009 (CST)
Last Updated:
16:40, 26 January 2011 (CDT)


A Kiosk for our shop made from and old arcade cabinet. The idea grew from a desire to have a display case for projects. BUT some projects are unable to fit in a display case, so, how about a "digital display case". A computer that shows pictures and videos of our projects, accomplishments, and events.



The spirit of the kiosk is to show off us and our hacker-space.

  • Display pictures and videos of our projects
    • I'll play around with the screensaver and see if I can get it to display an album. Let me know of any media you would like to be part of the project album. --Spacefelix 11:17, 28 January 2010 (CST)
  • Easy access to our Wiki and web page
  • Act as a donation box


Anything that doesn't impede the primary function of the kiosk. Some things we've talked about:

  • Mame cabinet
  • Inventory control (possibly an Inventory Database)?
  • Electronic Membership Application
    • Program that would take their picture via webcam and gave them entry fields to fill out an application. The application would then be filed and posted on the board's wiki to keep board members aware of applications in progress. Signing by board members could be done digitally by touchscreen and stylus. To further authenticate a signing, the program would take a webcam shot at the time of signing to determine who is present. Once a member is accepted, an e-mail is autosent to them and LDAP credentials automatically established.
  • Augmented reality apps
  • Print applications / project pages / etc
  • play funny videos and/or dance music! - Occasional YouTube-A-Thon videos or a funny album could be put alongside the shop album in the screensaver. Kind of like what the old door control computer did in the old shop.
  • Run a VoIP app to function as a videophone - Needs Skype/VoIP Webphone software and a webcam.


  • 72" tall, 25" wide, and 30" deep
  • Marque lights up
  • Stereo sound
  • Input: Keyboard and Trackball
  • Video: 24" LCD (on loan from Ratmandu)
  • Computer is a laptop
    • 3GHz P4
    • 512 MB Ram
    • 80 GB hdd
    • Wifi
    • Sound