LAN Party 2

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Note that the following information is archival and will be updated as soon as a new time for the event has been planned.

Electric Boogaloo


It has been way to long since we got overcaffeinated and blew each other up...

Basic Event Information

  • Name:
  • Proposed Date: 4/30
  • Time: 8 pm - 8 am
  • Location: Make Shop
  • Cost to Attend: $5, $0 if you bring a friend
  • Optional (but encouraged) Event Sign-up:

Flyer #1

Flyer #2


  • Tournaments
    • Unreal Tournament III
    • Team Fortress 2
    • StarCraft II
    • Minecraft


  • Greg - organizing
  • spacefelix - Snack Fuds

To Do

  • Find tables and chairs; the workbenches are a pain in the ass, literally
    • At $75 a pop, we wont be buying tables any time soon; beg, borrow, or steal
  • Come up with flyer
    • Distribute flyer
      • Potential places go here
  • Check shop electrical system to make sure we have enough juice
    • 15 or 20 amp breaker dedicated to the AC can be used
    • New breakers can be plugged in to make more circuits
  • Check shop space to figure out max capacity
  • Check parking lot to make sure cars can drive there
  • Concessions/Food
    • Spacefelix will be buying chips, candy and canned drinks (if soda machine not repaired by 4/30/11, will store them in ice coolers). Will sell each item at $0.50 each to make some money for the shop and keep it low cost for the gamers.
    • Spacefelix may be able to run the concessions stand all throughout the event, but we ought to provide a backup for him. He may have to leave the event early depending on what happens at work for him.
  • CLEAN SHOP - Cleaning work slated for 4/28 to 4/30.

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