OpenWRT(or equivalent) modular usage

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Reconfiguring OpenWRT(or equivalent) to use a set of configs and binaries off a thumbdrive or other storage medium in order to change the entire use of the device. The device's use would be entirely dependent on what "package" is loaded on it at boot time.


Working, now for package development.


  • Usage is determined by thumbdrive or other storage medium connected to it.
    • Anything from a 64MB thumbdrive and up could be used for this.
      • These things are cheap.
  • The devices this would run on range in price from $20-$40.
    • Reasonably disposable.
      • Public Overnet
      • Anonymous drop fileserver
      • Geocaching
  • Reusability after a purpose has been served.
  • Collectability of "packages"?
    • Gotta catch'em all!


  • Instrusion Detection System(IDS)
    • snort
    • Various sniffers
  • Reactive Firewall
    • snort
    • iptables
    • nmap
    • metasploit
  • Torrent box
  • Anonymous drop box
    • Extra storage
  • Geocache
    • Extra storage
    • Logging
  • Mesh network node
  • Honeypot
    • sebek
    • honeynetd
    • FM transmitter
    • playlist
    • music
  • PBX
  • Urban ghosts
  • Wifi Foxhunt
  • Wardriving rig
  • n00b net
    • Various sniffers
    • phishing webserver
    • extra storage
    • Wall of Sheep

Devices owned by members of the group

  • ASUS WL-500G DLX (Brimstone)
  • 2x Netgear Wgt634u (Brimstone)
  • Linksys NSLU2 (Strages)
  • Linksys switch w/ Sokris parasite (Brimstone)


  • 05/19/2007: Successfully built and configured a minimal openwrt environment on a Wgt634u that successfully looks for binaries and configs on a thumbdrive. Basic OpenWRT trunk rev 6564 built on ultralaser (amd64).