Pig Roast 2017

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  • June 24 2017, 12:00pm - 5:00pm: Pig Roast 2017

Basic Event Information

All events related to pig roast day:


The list of sides is available HERE.

Income and Expenses


Color Key
Prep & Cook
Sunday Loose Ends
Volunteers Event Critical Task POCs Notes
Jeff Pig Roast/Publicity & Prep 1 Needs to take care of all advertisement, individually solicit members to bring sides, and make sure the pre-event tasks are delegated, and pick up dropped balls. Needs to make sure all necessary materials are on hand before the pig arrives on Friday (charcoal, injection kits, oil, spices, meat thermometers, etc)
  • Jeff's Coworker Jonathan
  • Kinsey
Pig Roaster Pickup 1-2
  • Will need someone with arsenal access to pickup. Truck must have a 2" ball for the hitch.
  • For 2017 Jonathan will pickup and drop off the the roaster around noon on Friday, June 23rd. Kinsey will be on call if Jonathan has any questions about where to put the roaster.
  • Hunter
  • Tyler
Pig Retriever 1 1.5 hours round trip to Winchester, TN. including pickup time. Will need to be able to cut a check while there for processing. Michele's car is being used for the pig pickup.
  • Scott (Cook A)
  • Kinsey (Sous-chef A)
  • Norm (Cook B)
  • Satyam (Sous-chef B)
Pig Cookers 4 2 Sets of 2 People.
  • Will cook the pig, and when it's ready to be served, pull the large chunks into a pan to bring to the meat servers inside.
  • 12am - 3am, Cook-A and Sous-chef-A
  • 3am - 6am, Cook-B and Sous-chef-B
  • 6am - 3pm, Cook-A and Sous-chef-A
Phil Day-Of Delegation 1 Someone has a question, everyone points to this person to answer it. Has to be on site by 9 AM. Ideally setting up done by 11am. This job gets much harder once people start showing up and wanting you to tell them where to put their food. This person should not leave the shop between 11am and till the event dies down. If an off site item is needed, they should send a Helper.
  • Gregabyte
  • Jessie C.
Meat Servers 2 2 people who will be given large pans of pork and will pull meat into a tray for attendees to serve themselves.
  • Dmitriy
Helpers 2 2 people who can be on site at 9 am to setup tents, arrange and clean tables, switch out with the meat servers, and take direction from Day-Of Delegator. On Site by 9am.
  • Hunter
  • Tyler
  • Kirstin (~3pm)
Money Takers 2
  • 2 People who can man the money table, keep track of the headcount, make sure there are name badges, etc.
  • $10 Per Person, $15 For Two, Kids $5, $10 for a styrofoam to-go box.
Phil Saturday Night Perishables 1
  • Meat can stay at room temperature for 2 hours before it needs to be refrigerated.
  • Chip bags and containers closed, all perishables are in the shop fridge or personally taken home with them.
Late Saturday Night Teardown 2 If there is a function (LAN party) Saturday night, around 2AM two people need to collapse tents and bring any shop property inside. Then the following Tuesday recruit whatever help they need to make sure the items get back to where they need to be stored.
Phil Sunday Morning Inspection 1 People are drunk and\or exhausted Saturday night. Including the organizers. Someone needs to come back Sunday morning and put out any fires. No need to clean the shop, just make sure nothing is rotting, power left on, etc.
Pig Roaster Cleaner 1 Scrape out the innards of the pig roaster, and empty the ash trap. Task can only be completed once the roaster has cooled, so this is a Sunday Morning or very late Saturday night task. This task sounds worse than it is, a light scraping is all we've ever had to do. But you probably will smell like the roaster once you're done.
  • Barbara
  • Travis
Pig Roaster Return 1-2 Will need someone with arsenal access to return. Truck must have a 2" ball for the hitch. Must be able to pay $90 at drop off. Opens at 9:30am.

Tasks that don't keep the pig roast from happening, but make the entire weekend worth coming to, and generate the monies.

Volunteer Supplementary Tasks POCs Notes
Halley M. Silent Auction Organizer Contacts and visits local businesses asking for item donations to be sold in a silent auction the day of the event. The day of the event lays out items and silent auction sheets, and makes\has made announcements during the event that the silent auction is going on and\or ending\ended. Contacts winners and directs them to the Money Takers to pay for their items. Most importantly takes pictures of the people with the items they won in the auction. These pictures are a big deal to the donors, they use them for promotional materials.
Chris Bero Shop Cleanup Organizer Picking up office, vacuuming floors, Making the shop inviting.
  • Gregabyte
  • Hfuller
  • Milieu
LAN Party Admin Sets up network, admins gaming servers
Flier Design Replaces the crappy flier the the Publicity & Prep POC will create.
Drink Machine Filler Gets the drink machine restocked and the cascade machine filled with quarters.