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Born On:
11:14, 12 May 2014 (CDT)
Last Updated:
06:07, 13 April 2016 (CDT)


After seeing lvl1's M.O.T.H.E.R a few of us at ML256 would like to do something similar. The RQ stands for Red Queen

Please feel free to add to this page as you see fit, this would be a neat project to have many people pitch in on.

Design Layout

RQ will consist of a single node which will handle a multitude of external modules.
The goals is to design an easy to interface unit which will allow accessory modules to be associated with ease.

Module ideas


-> one way from the module to RQ (excluding low level things such as confirmation messages)

<- one way from RQ to the module (excluding low level things such as confirmation messages)

<-> bidirectional

  • Motion detector(s) ->
  • Temperature monitor(s) ->
  • Light switch(s) <->
  • Door lock(s) <->
  • Email <->
  • IRC <->
  • Text message <->
  • Music playing <->
  • Speech synthesis <-
  • Voice recognition ->
  • LED Sign(s) <-
  • Alert Light <-
  • Network monitoring ->
  • Trash levels ->
  • Calendar <->
  • Door Open\Closed State Sensor ->
  • Garage Door Interface <-
  • Inventory Query, Add/Remove/Modify. <->
    • "RQ, where are hammers" "Hammers located in Tool Section"
    • "RQ, where are scissors?" "I don't know" "RQ, add Scissors located in Crafting Area" "your mom"
  • PC Terminal <->
    • "RQ, bring up ToDo list for tylercrumpton." "Tylercrumpton's ToDo is being displayed on the terminal."
    • "RQ, show me the wiki page for Slim Arcade Cabinet" "The Slim Arcade Cabinet page is now displayed on the terminal."


  • Could be we could get cheap mesh networking boards from local company Synapse Wireless for modules. Never hurts to ask :)