Retro Gaming & Computing Night/2010

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Born On:
20:37, 21 April 2010 (CDT)
Last Updated:
18:52, 15 June 2011 (CDT)


A night of nostalgia revolving around retro computing and gaming. Kickin it old school!


  • Get another air conditioner going!
  • Print trifold pamphlet and business cards.
  • We need more TVs.
  • Making sure the power is up to par and we don't blow fuses.
  • Food will be bought the morning of.
    • Getting the food will be handled by Bob
  • Fold up chairs.


  • File:Retro gaming 2010 flyer.pdf
    • Posted at UAH thanks to David
    • Posted at Digium thanks to Kinsey
    • Posted at the retro gaming store in town thanks to Tim
  • Made a blog post.
  • Made Livejournal Huntsville community post.
  • Made Facebook event.
  • Made a Craigslist event.
  • Made reddit post, vote it up please Reddit Link
  • Nathan made a couple of mailing list posts to keep people informed.
  • Brian posted a flyer at The Deep.
  • Tim talked to the folks at Retro Gaming and it looks like they're willing to loan us some systems for the evening.
  • Dickie has volunteered to cook.
  • Bob has reserved the keg.
  • The cost of the event will be covered out of the donations collected from the event. Any extra will go to the shop.
  • Donation Jug is available and ready to be seeded before the event. It'll be placed by the keg.
  • Hanyan brought a TV in for the event.


  • Nothing newer than 16 bit.
  • Emulation is allowed, but only if absolutely necessary.
    • Bonus points for emulating on 16 bit systems.
  • Tournaments may be organized.
    • Up to the owner of the system/computer to do this.

Tournaments and Tournament Rules

  • Mario Kart tournament/drinking game sanctioned by Strages and JimShoe
    • Cannot drink and drive.
    • Must finish drink before finishing race.

Systems/AV and Owners

  • Amiga 500 strages
  • Apple II Mog
  • 4 TVs owned by the shop
  • 2 projectors owned by the shop
  • 1 Nintendo owned by the shop
  • 1 Nintendo + power glove JimShoe
  • 1 Sega Genesis JimShoe
  • 1 Nintendo footpad JimShoe
  • 1 Sega Nomad with AV cable, extra controller, and Sonic 2 Strages
  • 1 Calecovision with extra controllers for the baseball game Strages
  • 2 Sega Master Systems + games + accessories CrashCart
  • 1 TI-99/4A CrashCart
  • 1-2 TVs, at least for the systems I'm bringing CrashCart