Retro Gaming & Computing Night/2012

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Born On:
20:37, 21 April 2010 (CDT)
Last Updated:
08:54, 02 May 2013 (CDT)


A night of nostalgia revolving around retro computing and gaming. Kickin it old school!



  • Get air conditioner going!
  • Food will be bought the morning of.
  • T-Shirt Graphic and calling to order them.
  • Flyer
    • Sam and Greggs


  • Inventory TVs.
    • 4 TVs owned by the shop
  • Blog Post
  • Valley Planet Contact
  • Huntsville Times GO!
  • Flyers put up at Retro Gamer, Lowe Mill, Olde Town Coffee Shop, and some new late night coffee shop.
  • Created Facebook event.


  • Pre-2000
    • Foreign systems allowed provided they fall under this rule.
  • Emulation is allowed, but only if absolutely necessary.
    • Bonus points for emulating on 16 bit systems.
  • Tournaments may be organized.
    • Up to the owner of the system/computer to do this.

Tournaments and Tournament Rules

  • Mario Kart tournament/drinking game sanctioned by Strages and JimShoe
    • Cannot drink and drive.
    • Must finish drink before finishing race.

Systems/AV and Owners

  • 1 Nintendo + power glove JimShoe
  • 1 Sega Genesis JimShoe
  • 1 Nintendo footpad JimShoe
  • 1 Sega Nomad with AV cable, extra controller, and Sonic 2 Strages
  • 1 Calecovision with extra controllers for the baseball game Strages
  • Amiga 500 CrashCart
  • Apple II Mog
  • 2 Sega Master Systems + games + accessories CrashCart
  • 1 TI-99/4A CrashCart
  • 1-2 TVs, at least for the systems I'm bringing CrashCart
  • Sega Saturn w/ VirtuaFighter and VirtuaCop owned by strages

Last year data move up if still correct

  • 4 TVs owned by the shop
  • 2 projectors owned by the shop
  • 1 Nintendo owned by the shop