Retro Gaming & Computing Night

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Born On:
20:37, 21 April 2010 (CDT)
Last Updated:
23:07, 13 October 2014 (CDT)


A night of nostalgia revolving around retro computing and gaming. Kickin it old school!


  • October 18 2014, 4pm - 2am: Retro Gaming & Computing Night 2014



  • Dusty cooking
  • Food will be bought the morning of.
  • T-Shirt Graphic and calling to order them.
  • Flyer
    • Sam and Greggs
    • Lowe Mill
    • Coffee Shops
    • Another Castle in Madison Square Mall
    • The Foundry
    • The Deep
    • Game Stops(yep all of them)
    • Game Galaxy Arcade/Retro Gamer
    • Gamer's Paradise
    • Gamerz World
    • Bandito Southside
    • Bandito on Governors
  • Inventory TVs.
  • Valley Planet Contact
  • Our Valley Events Submission
  • /r/huntsvillealabama
  • Huntsville Websites
  • Created Facebook event event page
  • Create Google+ event event page
  • Logo
  • Blog Post
  • Achievements
    • Tylercrumpton, Dusty, Nathan working on prizes.


  • Pre-2000
    • Foreign systems allowed provided they fall under this rule.
  • Emulation is allowed, but only if absolutely necessary.
    • Bonus points for emulating on 16 bit systems.

Tournaments and Tournament Rules

  • Mario Kart tournament/drinking game sanctioned by Strages and JimShoe
    • Cannot drink and drive.
    • Must finish drink before finishing race.
  • Joust Arcade Tournament

Raffle / Achievements

Raffle tickets will be given out for multiple things. Then at around 9pm we will raffle off multiple things. NOTE: Still in progress

  • On Arrival
  • Buy Food
  • Buy Shirt
  • $1
  • tweet #retrogamenight
  • Finish The Oregon Trail & tweet pic on end screen
  • Selfie with Sega Master System
  • Selfie with ??
  • Beat / make some score Tyler at Joust
  • Give out random tickets

Systems/AV and Owners


  • 1 Nintendo owned by the shop
  • 1 Nintendo + power glove JimShoe
  • 1 Nintendo footpad JimShoe
  • Supaboy portable SNES w/ Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, and Super Mario All Stars owned by strages
  • Nintendo 64 w/ Mario Kart 64 and Cruisin World owned by strages


  • 2 Sega Master Systems + games + accessories CrashCart
  • 1 Sega Genesis JimShoe
  • 1 Sega Nomad with AV cable, extra controller, and Sonic 2 Strages
  • Sega Saturn w/ 2 blasters and analog joystick controller and lots of games owned by strages
  • Sega Dreamcast with most of the release games and then some owned by strages


  • Sony Playstation with multiple controllers owned by the shop
    • floppy disk memory cart extention owned by strages

Older game misc systems

  • 1 Calecovision with extra controllers for the baseball game Strages

Computer systems


Last year data move up if still correct

  • 4 TVs owned by the shop
  • 2 projectors owned by the shop
  • 1 Nintendo owned by the shop
  • Atari 800 owned by the shop
  • TRS-80 owned by the shop