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Jim Shoe
Taking Requests
Born On:
11:17, 25 May 2008 (CDT)
Last Updated:
11:24, 10 December 2010 (CDT)


This project is on the wiki for the wiki. I thought it would be nice to have a place where we can all talk about modifications to the wiki.

Completed Work

  • New Project Button - This is a button on the edit panel that fills in wiki data that will help standardize new projects.
  • New Proposal Button - This will be a button so that all proposals look the same.
  • Semanctic Mediawiki exentsions have been installed.

Upcoming Work

  • Turn on subpages for the main namespace.


Add your requests here:

  • How about a tutorial explaining how to use some of the semantic mediawiki extensions that are install currently? --strages 09:15, 5 October 2009 (CDT)
  • An actual calendar page would be nice, for those who don't use Google Calendar and the like. --strages 09:15, 5 October 2009 (CDT)
  • Currently I'm using the Events wiki page and doing a copy/paste whenever I want to create a new event project on the wiki. It would be neat to have a button that did this for me, like the project and poposal buttons. Omegix 11:31, 5 October 2009 (CDT)