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Cut 3/16 Luan on the FLC1490_Laser_Cutter.

  • Speed 5, power 100% cuts almost everything except for a few stubborn patches of filler/glue, but those can be finished with a knife.
  • Cutting all the way through the piece in the first pass allows the smoke to be sucked from the bottom, decreasing the smoke in the laser cutter greatly.
  • If you're lasering larger piece (>12") it might be useful to do the fine details in a first-pass layer, and then the overall outline as a last layer as board might curl up slightly after a large section is cut loose.
  • When focused the FLC1490 can cut beams as thin as 0.05" but the 0.02" beams just got burnt. When the focus was a bit off the 0.05" beams were burnt.
  • The 0.05" beams burn down to 0.045-0.035" and are too thin for structural support, but make nice internal members.
  • Making interlocking joints on an outside-corner without compensating for the removed material fit well side-to-side, but the tongues might be a bit short. Trying to do the same thing for tendons that fit into a rectangular hole is a bit tight, but nothing a bit of filing can't fix.
  • Exporting from Draftsight to R2000-2002 ACSII Drawing (*.dxf) carries across the scale in inches just fine.
  • Make sure to explode text to a series of lines before exporting.


Making combined raster and vector cuts

  1. Make an outline layer to align the raster and vector boundaries
  2. Enable only raster layers and print
    1. Make sure your DPI is set high enough
  3. Check "Ignore Raster" in FSL
  4. Enable only vector layers and print
  5. In FSL start job from Raster Tab
    1. Make sure DPI is set high enough

Cutting 1/16" taskboard

  • Speed 60%, power 100% for a through vector cut
  • Speed 50%, power 50%? for a vector decoration
  • Speed 50%, power 75-100% for brick engraving (pending painting tests)
  • vector cuts 0.04" across are unreliable. Probably possible with clever layer ordering


Cut 3/16" Luan and 1/4" birch ply on the FLC1490_Laser_Cutter

  • Even at speed 20 and 100% power some attempted kerfs cut all the way through
  • Speed 6 (100% power) might be an underestimation of the cutting power
  • Trying to cut perfectly to the edges of a sheet (2'x4' design on a 2'x4' board) doesn't work. You'll never get it aligned to an adequate tolerance\
  • When doing a large cookie-cutter construction, give some slop room on the supports for the top moving slightly