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One of the basic tenets of Makers Local 256 is education.

  • People with the knowledge to teach others should make a potential class known.
  • People interested in taking any listed classes should make that desire known.

Ideas on improving classes

Current Classes

Engineers Without Borders

EWB is going to run a class in wilderness engineering in Limeville, AL. They'll show you how to build things like waterwheels and wells out of scrap. Be sure to let Ethan know if you are interested!!

Date: TBA, but around late August
Interested Parties:

--Gregabyte 12:00, 16 August 2011 (CDT)

Permaculture Classes

The class will teach ways to create gardens and among other things. Again, let Ethan know if you are interested!!

Cost: $45 per class
Interested Parties:

Proposed Classes

Drawing 101 with Cherryblossom!

This is a basic introduction to drawing. You are welcome if you are a seasoned artist or if you have never thought of a pencil as anymore than a writing utensil. We will be discussing drawing techniques and materials. If you are interested, make sure to drop me ( a line, so I can start preparing!

Dates: TBA while garnering more interest
Cost: Free, but you provide your own pencils (I will have some onhand for the 'just trying it out' crowd)
Materials: I highly recommend the Kimberly Brand Graphite Pencil Pack, but any pack of multiple graphite pencils will do. Also, bring a pink pearl eraser (you know, the schoolkid one) and a kneaded eraser for the more studious guys.
Interested Parties:

Beer Brewing - with Enabrintain

All about brewing your own sweet sweet beer

Interested Parties:

The Complete Torrent User's Guide to Usenet - PsychoAU

It pains me to see the amount of people who still cling to the idea that BitTorrent is the greatest way to download things. This is far from the truth. This class will show you how to get started with Usenet. Why worry about which company is monitoring your IP? Why wait on that one seeder to actually leave his computer on long enough to get more seeds? Why watch a file get to 98% only for that one seed to disappear? My friends, there is a better way. Learn everything you need to know about Usenet... from NZBs to PAR2s... from Retention to Completion... Max out your internet connection with every download. These things, plus more will be covered in this class. Sign up today! -- PsychoAU

Date\Time: TBD
Interested Parties:

Almost Anything Linux related - with Brimstone

Now that we've got some traction for this class, what kind of topics would you guys like to see? Please add below:

Cost: Free!
Interested Parties:
  • Nykodemus 16:27, 25 June 2009 (CDT) - would like to learn about perl and beginning system administration as well as basic network security
  • CrashCart
  • strages
  • omegix
  • Ratmandu 17:56, 23 July 2009 (CDT)
  • Preauxphoto 07:23, 18 May 2010 (CDT)

Basic Self Defense - with Nykodemus

Date: Pending indefinitely
Interested Parties:

Experimental Casting / Wax patterns - with Tabatha

Date: Pending indefinitely
Interested Parties:

Past Classes

Mindfulness Meditation

- with Nykodemus Ok, I'll do this. How about Wednesday Feb 3rd at 7pm? Interested Parties:

Relief Block Printing - with MrWorld

Interested Parties:

  • Nykodemus 16:27, 25 June 2009 (CDT)
  • Preauxphoto
  • CrashCart

Basics of GIMP - with MrWorld