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Phil Showers, hi


My experience

  • bachelors in CS
  • electrician training at drake
  • programming (10+ years of Java, less of C/C++, .Net, Ada)
  • wood working (mostly small projects)
  • Pewtercasting
  • Homebrewing (beer/mead)
  • setting dumpsters on fire

Active Projects

  1. I'm making a form for the ceramic crucible.
  2. I'm making clay for the ceramic crucible.
  3. I'm researching an Analytical Balance
  4. I'm collecting parts for an arduino based kiln controller
  5. I'm developing plans for a simple gyratory riddle (for mulling sand)


Project Name Description Status
Beer Brewing I brew weird beers. Beer Brewing
Reprap_Mendel Open Manufacturing Assembly
2x4 CNC Machine CNC from the book "Build Your Own CNC Machine" Retired
OpenPCR Get a PCR machine for the shop. Research
Candy Machine 3d Modeled Part Use the Makerbot to build something useful. Basking
Shop Oven Raise money for wiring an Oven for the shop. IMPLEMETATION
CAD Notes Collate and collect info on CAD opportunities. Collecting Notes
Kids Cloaks Sew cloaks for my Brother's kids. Complete
PCB Etching Chemical manufacture of PCBs Done
Laser cutter Creation of laser etch project Research
Open Bio Lab Lab Page Research
40 Watt Laser Cutter How to use this tool Building the How To Guide, Experimenting with Various Materials
Inkjet PCB Etching Much higher resolution solution to small run PCB manufacture. Experimentation
4x8 CNC Machine A larger CNC Hardware is Green, Working status is conditionally Green
Diy Bio A Links Page Link Collection
DIY Spot Welder Implementation of this Planning/Resource Collection
Sunbeam 1050W Microwave Disasembled for the Transformer Parted
Smelting Furnace For melting aluminium Melting aluminum and burning the unwary
Analytical Balance For SCIENCE! Research
3D Printing
Dumpster Diving
Open Source Hardware
Blue Smoke

Skill badges designed by

Contact Info

I am Phil Showers
IRC: EnabrinTain, Tain, etc...

Other Things

Snail Box