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I'm Matt, Just graduated college for electrical engineering. Enjoy most anything with micro-controllers or anything with blinky lights really. Also do a fair amount of programming in C++, and matlab. Also enjoy photography, juggling, working on cars, and sleeping on occasion. I also have no clue how to work a wiki so hopefully ill clean up this page once i figure it out.


Most all of these project are on hold at least temporarily as I moved to Afghanistan(which is much like living on the beach, without that annoying ocean thing). I will be working on some of them as time/supplies permit.


Project Name Description Status Priority
USB Keylogger USB keylogging with a teensy Started Top
EasyButton Big red button that does things First version done Medium
Car RFID lock Lock/unlock car with RFID First version done High
RGB Telephone-Lamp Telephone that is a light Started High
Lock Picking Trainer Box A box that requires a veriaty of locks to be picked in order to be opened Planning Medium
RGB Sobe-Lamp Sobe bottle that is a notification light Planning Medium
Inpulse watch app App for my Inpulse watch Planning Low
Pogoplug arduino internet gateway Connect Arduino to the internet with a pogoplug Planning Low
Kydex car pocket Hidden compartment in car Planning Low
Binary Keyboard A keyboard that lets you input 8 bits at a time Planning High
Leatherman Micra key Replacing useless tools on the micra with useful ones Done