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  • March 15th, 2010
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • Eat before, or bring food with.
  • All members


Topic Presenter
Review of Board Action Items Chairman Action Items
Treasurer's Report Treasurer Action Items
Netadmin Report TBD Action Items
Facilities Committee Report Facilities Committee Action Items
Project Chairman Action Items
Publicity & Events Publicity Chair Action Items
New Member Recognition Secretary
Decide next meeting date Chairman
Update "Action Items Closed Since Last Meeting" Redmine Filter 'Closed' date to be today's date Chairman
Change Door Code Secretary
Tables Omegix


Action Items

  • Do we need to get someone to send out election dates\details to the members?

Treasurer's Report

  • Current money in the bank: $1,884.88
  • Last month's income: $1,783.11
  • Last month's bills: $1,328.34


  • I'd like to write down the table space sharing policy, so that when people ask, I can point them to an answer instead of give them my own personal interpretation of it. I'm not really looking to lead this discussion, as much as ask the question "What is our table space sharing policy" and write down the consensus that we come to at the meeting. Omegix 15:41, 9 March 2010 (CST)
    • To start this discussion, we currently have no table space sharing policy. The only one standing applies to cleanup days; "please label your projects or put them away". We do not have one for when a member walks in, needs a space to work and needs to clear off an area. As of now, the fairest one that has been thought of is that when people walk away from their projects for the day, they draw a circle on the whiteboard around what is theirs and how to contact them. That way, if someone can call the person in question to ask if they can move it to use the space. However, it seems the root of the problem has been a lack of table space for members to use. Therefore, I propose a common courtesy policy that if you are not going to come back until next week, please put it away. Also, I propose putting up more table space; I can build the shelves that will go along the Northwest wall to double as work desks (will require West and Northwest table to move South about six feet) and I can fit a coffee table devspace in the library (will require cardboard box stock to be moved downstairs to storeroom). --Spacefelix 16:45, 9 March 2010 (CST)
    • I would change one part of that, about the common courtesy police - "If you're done for the day, put your things away." I don't know about next week. Unless a project is going to risk being damaged when it's moved, there really isn't a reason to leave it out blocking other people from working after you're gone. MrWorld
      • Good point. Balancing between the ways people schedule their work times, I believe the fairest option would be to say "you may leave it if you plan to be back tomorrow. Otherwise, clean up unless it can't be moved (fragile, curing, plugged in, etc.)" --Spacefelix 11:01, 10 March 2010 (CST)
  • Shop Tools have showed up in the lost and found. Please do not put them in the lost and found. They belong on the tool shelf in the garage. To help you, FC will label shop tools with 'ML256'.
  • A member had a project on a table clearly labeled with his name. However, he had found someone had been playing with his items. Please respect labeled projects on the table and leave them alone.\

Proposed Furniture Builds

In order of priority:

  • Make shelves on NW wall double as workbenches. Alternatively, leave them as shelves and build a low table for the center of the main room.
  • Build a burn/fireproof table for the garage area. Too much stuff is on the floor.
  • Build a vertical material rack for storing wood, plastic and metal material in the storeroom more effectively.
  • Make a coffee table (e.g. short version of main room whiteboard tables) for library
  • Rolling Pegboard - Would help with handling tools.

Cleanup & Buildup Day 3/27

  • Thanks to those who helped out last cleanup day (3/6), we now have a clean bathroom with shelves and two public computers in the library.
  • Preaux will be roasting chicken in support.
  • For those of you helping, please follow direction of Four Guys when cleaning.
  • We will not just be cleaning, but also building stuff for the shop.
    • Shelves, tables and other furniture <- For now, let's focus on furniture.
  • I will release the task list to everyone so they know what needs to be done that day.

Influx/Outflux Control (aka Four Guys)

Couple things:

  • To clarify, the rule with getting rid of stuff is to pass items you are going to throw away by either Strages, Ratmandu, CrashCart or JimShoe. They will determine if what you are throwing has any further use or if it belongs to someone or a project.
  • During cleanup days, they will be directing cleaning activities on the tables and storeroom. Let them tell you where projects are so nobody gets their stuff damaged.

Recycling & Trash

  • There is a cardboard box in the foyer. That is our recycling bin. Please use it for paper, cardboard, glass, hard and soft plastics, styrofoam and anything with a recycle symbol on it.
  • There are also bins in the garage for metals and toxic and e-waste. The metal bins are for copper, steel and aluminum. The toxic and e-waste bin are for chemicals, containers that held chemicals, electronics and electronic parts that are being thrown away. No radioactive, biological or regular trash allowed.
  • Bins will be painted and labeled

Equipment & Material Requests

  • Anyone who wants something in the shop, let me know where it can be had and for how much.
  • If other members are interested in that something, let me know as well.

Fire Extinguishers

( As per A-1 Fire and Safety Equipment Company)

  • If they come to us, it's $5 / extinguisher, Min of $25
  • If we bring the extinguishers to them, it's $4 / extinguisher
  • There needs to be 1 fire extinguisher at the front door and the bay door.
  • There needs to be 1 fire extinguisher within 75sqft of each other
    • This should cover the electrical box
    • This should cover the flammable area
  • Extinguishers need to be 10lb ABC's.

( As per the Huntsville Fire Marshall )

  • 1 fire extinguisher every 75 feet
  • must be 10 lb
  • A sign must be posted above the exit, not necessarily a lit one

( As per Spacefelix )

  • The main room is 30x40.

Status: Based on the above information, we will need 5 extinguishers

  • "Kitchen\Office"
  • Main Room
  • Tool Room
  • Social Loft
  • Library Loft

Recommendation: The landlord was using the lofted areas as storage space, not rooms.

  • Recommendation is to request the landlord pay for three 10 lb ABC extinguishers, and Makers Local cover the remaining.
    • Cheapest new 10lb ABC Fire Extinguisher is ~$60.00:
    • Use Tool Fund for purchases. It qualifies as safety equipment which has priority.
  • Recommend putting the words "EXIT" on the door. Maybe with red tape.
    • We could also do this with some red LEDs and a 12V power supply.

News / Projects / Show&Tell

External Relations

Meeting Notes

  • Three 10lb fire extinguishers to be sourced from BrokenTrace's company, they just need to be refilled.
  • Exits are to be marked to stay up for fire code.
    • Jeff has one Exit sign he's willing to give to the shop.
    • Smoke detectors are to be put up.
      • Jeff is going to buy two for the shop.
  • We're still in the black as far as finances.
  • There's talk of putting work areas midway up the shelving proposed for the main room for additional table space.
    • Dickie's going to check on a big brown folding table for the shop.
    • Greg suggest using the library shelves as a template.
  • Justin's going to look into getting a masonry nail gun for the shop.
  • The shop recently acquired a rolling pegboard display for moving tools around the shop.
  • There are plans for making a simplified list of rules to be physically placed in the space.
  • Next clean up day is March 27th 10am-5pm, food will be provided.
  • There is a new board position, Facilities Officer, whos job it will be to form a facilities committee for changes to the shop and alotment of shop resources.
    • All exterior changes to the building or property will be brought to the facilities committee who will then make a proposal to the board.
  • Next meeting will be April 19th.
    • Board elections will be held in April and will follow the next meeting.
  • All things being thrown out will go through the facilities committee.
  • Justin will be showing anyone to learn to weld on a one on one basis.
    • Blue jeans, closed toed shows, old long sleeved shirts that you don't care so much about are prefered clothing for welding.
  • March 31st will be the UAH Expo, which Makers Local 256 will be participating in. Sign up is on the board.
  • A new pamphlet needs to be made for the shop to help people understand what we do and where we are.
  • April 30th will be Arrrbor Day, see the wiki for more details.
    • 10 trees have been obtained to help out with this.
  • A table policy was defined: Policies/Tables