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  • December 14, 2017
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • All members


Topic Presenter
Review of Board Action Items Chairman Action Items
Treasurer's Report Treasurer Action Items
Netadmin Report TBD Action Items
Facilities Committee Report Facilities Committee Action Items
Project Chairman Action Items
Publicity & Events Publicity Chair Action Items
New Member Recognition Secretary
Decide next meeting date Chairman
Update "Action Items Closed Since Last Meeting" Redmine Filter 'Closed' date to be today's date Chairman
Change Door Code Secretary

Discussion Topics

Action Items

Finance Committee

Treasurer's Report


  • Money In: Members $1217.98
  • Money In: Other $302.65
  • Money In: Total $1,520.63
  • Money out of selected accounts goes to
  • Expenses:Rent $1,000
  • Expenses:Utilities $335
  • Expenses:Waste Away $65
  • Expenses:Misc (reimbursements: Soda, boxes, Food for RGN) $518
  • Expenses:WOW $61
  • Money Out $1,980.31
  • Difference $(459.68)


General Fund is Approximate.

  • Coke Machine Fund: $2649
  • Facilities Fund: $61
  • Laser Fund: $2181
  • General Fund: $5017

Total: $11,192

Facilities Committee


Item Responsible Parties
Giant laser cutter installed User:enabrintain User:tylercrumpton User:yellowhatguy User:hfuller et. al.
Laser cutter (etc.) computer installed User:hfuller User:opticron
New ventilation for laser user:enabrintain user:opticron
Arts & Crafts expansion user:opticron user:milieu user:Merkyl999x

Planned Improvements

Item Responsible Parties
Repair the laser user:tylercrumpton, user:hfuller, etc
Finish raw materials storage clean-up and organization user:milieu


  • Make Ornament
  • Laser Cutter Party will be on Saturday, Jan 13th. Time is currently set for 6:30PM.
    • TBD: laser cut plaque with names of contributors
  • Makers Local 10-Year Anniversary, weekend of March 17th, 2018.

New Members

NOTE: All new members, meet with the Facilities Committee for your shop walk through.

  • Kyle Banks
  • Paul Nix



  • Kinsey Moore (secretary)
  • Jessie Chapman
  • Jake Harris (facilities)
  • Hunter Fuller
  • Phil Showers (treasurer)
  • Tyler Crumpton
  • Robert Butler
  • Nick Hanson
  • Paul Nix
  • Kirstin DeRosa

Meeting Minutes

Tyler started the meeting at 19:30 with a review of the action items (see above).

Phil gave the finance report at 19:31 (see above).

Jake gave the facilities report at 19:33. The new laser has been installed along with improved ventilation. The arts and crafts section has been expanded slightly to make room for the sand blasting cabinet and hackables has had some effort put into it again. The new laser needs some maintenance due to a possible power supply failure. Hunter ran a drop to the new laser cutter so it can be remotely accessed from the laser computer in the craft room.

We had Make Ornament last Thursday and had a great turnout. Thanks to Kirstin for organizing this! We're condsidering doing events for Valentine's Day and Easter time frames as well.

The laser reward creation is in process including lasered nicknacks (to be created on the small laser for now) and t-shirts. The laser party may be pushed back depending on repairs. Keep an eye out for announcements.

In the next couple of months, we'll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the founding of this organization.

Hunter and Tyler are creating a rocket to "launch" for new years eve downtown in conjunction with DHI.

The next meeting will be on January 18th.