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This is a snapshot of the previous We need a place page that resulted in the move to our 3rd Location

Archived Page

We have a place! Makers Local 256 opened its first not-in-someone's-apartment place in April of 2008. An archive of the places we looked at and the things we brainstormed can be found at We need a place 2008. ) Our place is currently 1000sqft, and while it's worked so far, it's evident that a larger place would be ideal.

We need a place where we can go and work on these projects in an environment that stimulates creativity and motivation. The shop will provide a work area, resources, and knowledge to help people with their projects.

We Need (Are Planning) to Move

Here's a page for pre-move planning: We Need to Move

Scouting Options

Location Name Address Size Asking Price Operating Costs Advantages Disadvantages Status POC
Old West Huntsville Elementary School ~5000 sqft $875 / mo $TBD / mo, he will use individual meters. Please see Discussion Please see Discussion N/A. Mog
Old Location 203 Brown St 2000 sqft $1000 / mo $270 / mo Already Established. Bay Door. Proximity to downtown makes it easy to find. Close to Police station and Fire Station. No A/C N/A Chair
5 Points Workshop - NEW SHOP 414 Stevens Ave, Huntsville, AL 35801 (Yellowish Warehouse on the corner of Schiffmann and Stevens) Shop including the loft is 4012 sqft (costing $850/mo). 1st Floor is 2660 sqft, Loft is 1352 sqft. $850.00 / mo $270 / mo (See Financial Analysis for details.) There is A/C and heat in the office. There is a small kitchen area. 2 bathrooms. There is also a sink in the loft. One of the bathrooms has a shower. There is no A/C/ heating unit nor insulation in the actual warehouse area. The driveway needs repaving and the loft needs repair. Designated as new shop since vote to move passed unanimously on 4/19/11. Field Trip Notes: Field_Trips/5_Points_Workshop Chair
"Four Garages" 485 Dan Tibbs Road 4000 sqft $1000 / mo (w/ 3 year contract) (Need to Ask POC) Air Conditioning, Multiple Compartments, 4000 sqft Location not as central. Have called Jeremy for a tour, waiting to hear back from him now. --Omegix 14:18, 20 July 2010 (CDT) Jeremy Pope, CCIM, SIOR

Graham & Company, LLC 200 Westside Square Suite 800 Huntsville, AL 35801 TEL 256.382.9010 | FAX 256.382.9011

Lincoln Mill 1300 Meridian St

Huntsville, AL 35801

1400sqft + access to basement for storage, expansion into the Life Cycles area, access to Conference Room, and two air conditioned social areas. $1200 / mo $0 (utilities included) Location is in a community building, sort of like Flying Monkey. Community includes a future coffee shop, brewery, restaurant, life-cycles. Includes air conditioning. Space has a bay door. Space would need to be insulated prior to moving in. Labor needed, materials provided. Tour Aug 16th @ 5:30: Field Trips/Lincoln Mill

Wayne Sisco wayne@ecospace.biz 770-318-8365 www.lincoln-mills.com

Andrew Rogers 256-508-7610

"Fudgey Nut Warehouse complex" Bob Wallace and Mirabeau $1100 / mo Large warehouse area. Bay Door. A/C Office area. No A/C in warehouse area. Waiting for more details from Anthony TBD

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