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= Calendar =
= Calendar =
= 03/28/09 =
What are we going to do??
= 02/21/08 =
= 02/21/08 =
What are we going to do.  Yard Sale??  Anyone have any suggestions?
What are we going to do.  Yard Sale??  Anyone have any suggestions?

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14:48, 10 June 2008 (CDT)
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12:26, 15 March 2009 (CDT)


A page dedicated to the planning, execution, and documention of open houses at the shop.



What are we going to do??


What are we going to do. Yard Sale?? Anyone have any suggestions?


Our first open house so it won't be perfect but it'll be something.


  • Brainstorming from as many members as possible so that we know what we can do and get people working on those things.
  • dead button cell batteries for joule thieves
  • lots of cornstarch for oobleck
  • clear plastic pieces
  • cardboard boxes of varying sizes
  • webcams, don't have to be great quality or anything.
  • Information Pamphlet
    • either bifold or trifold depending on the info we have to fill it

Projects Showcase


  • joule thieves
    • we have 19 toroids with more that can be salvaged from junk hardware.
    • plenty of copper wire
    • plenty of LEDs, more if Venkat will ever show up again.
  • oobleck
  • magic sand
    • is it possible to figure out how to make this stuff and provide easy instructions for people to take home? --strages 14:48, 10 June 2008 (CDT)
  • music related things (looking at Nykodemus for this one --strages 14:48, 10 June 2008 (CDT))
  • BEAMbots
  • MTminis
    • Consists of a cardboard box, webcam, piece of plastic, and tracing paper. Totally doable.
  • Augmented reality
    • ARTag
    • ARToolKit



Our third open house - most publicized by far, with a PSA on NPR courtesy of Chris Dayton and his Media Initiative, and a facebook event.


The focus for this one will be SWAP MEET. It has been advertised as lasting from 12pm-4pm, but we'll probably cook out afterwards like the last open house.


  • Cleanup day
    • Sunday before
    • Touchup Friday before
  • Get food for after-cookout
  • More tables would be appreciated
    • Strages has one to bring
    • We have 2 sawhorses and 2 pieces of plywood - Bob has two sawhorses to round it out for two tables' worth.


Our 4th open house - being publicized by a PSA on WLRH courtesy of Chris Dayton and his Media Initiative, an article in the tech issue of The Valley Planet, and a facebook event.


Project presentation with a secondary focus of another swap meet limited to space on tables in the backyard. This will bring people in and have them see our projects while they make their way to the swap meet in the back. This should also free up "hangout" space inside for project discussion, etc. Anything left after the swap meet will be gone through for use at the shop and the rest will be taken to tech recyclers.


  • List of projects to be done by then:(add them as bullets below)
  • We need a tent and some extra fold up tables to use for the day in the backyard.
  • Shop cleanup.