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What It Is

This page is to help people and projects share resources to obtain equipment and material based on a voting and cost metric. If enough people vote for a piece of equipment or material and enough money has been donated towards its purchase, then each month, the Facilities Committee will have the current treasurer pay for the rest of its cost based on available money in the Tool Fund. Alternatively, it can be built by members, salvaged or donated.

How It Works

  1. Member puts down something they want with cost and where it can be had.
  2. Other members contribute by:
    • Listing their usernames to vote for it.
    • Contribute money towards its purchase (independent from members' monthly pledged donations to the shop). Earmark it and put it in the donation box.
    • Note down alternative ways it can be had or built.
  3. If it can only be bought, the metric for purchase is calculated as so:
    X = (Cost - Donations)/Voters
    Cost = cost of equipment or material
    Donations = amount of money received for equipment or material
    Voters = number of people who have voted for equipment or material
  4. When X <= $20.00/person, then the equipment or material will be purchased during the next Member's Meeting. Priority will be given to items that reach the X value above first.
    1. Money from ML256's General Fund will not be used to make up any shortfall. If the tool fund can't buy a tool, then we can hold a bake sale.

Special thanks to Opticron for developing this metric.

Shop Equipment

Metal Lathe

This would take a while to raise money for, but it's something we would use if we had it.

  • Cost
    • TBD
  • Votes & Donations

IR Cameras Monitoring Parking Lot

Would like to have two cameras monitoring where we park our cars. IR so it can pick up images at night

  • Votes & Donations
  • X = $?.??
  • Other Resources


Tool Fund

Ask the current treasurer about money and making purchases from the tool fund.

  • Treasurer's Note: Do not buy something and request reimbursement for it. The Tool Fund is a managed fund. On a General Vote to buy a tool, the money will be released to a specific person for tool buying.
    • Tools are not accepted as Monthly Member Donations. Ever. You can't spend hacksaws at Huntsville Utilities.
    • Donations to Specific Use Funds like the Tool Fund or the Facilities Fund are counted separately from the Monthly Member Donation.

Stuff Being Offered

Offers made to Makers Local 256.

Unloved Equipment Requests

This is where EquipReqs go to die. If it was something that we don't need anymore because the priority level has fallen, put it here. If it was something that we don't need anymore because the need has gone away, delete it from the list.

T962A IR Automatic Reflow Oven

  • This may be OBE as Tyler is building one after reading bad reviews of this one.

A reflow oven is critical for assembling many surface mount electronic boards, and will make your life much easier when working with tiny electronics components. The T962A IR Reflow Oven is highly recommended by those who do small to medium production PCB runs for projects like those seen on Tindie. The T962A has built-in temperature control with automated ramp-up and ramp-down sequences, eight selectable temperature waveform patterns, the ability to solder dual-sided boards, a 300×320mm soldering area, and can even be used to solder tricky BGA and other under-chip lead packages.

  • Discussion Questions
  • Cost
    • ~$415 on eBay
  • Votes & Donations
  • X = ($415 - $118) / 5 = $23.60
  • Other Resources
    • Another option is the T962 (no 'A'), which is nearly identical, but with a soldering area of 180×235mm instead. It runs for about $250 on eBay.

Software Development Tables - Under Construction

Table for just sitting down with a computer and programming. Would have outlets, lights and other conveniences for computers and other sit-down tasks. Could be placed in library since the shop floor is starting to reach capacity. Current high tables on shop floor great for working, but can get uncomfortable for sit-down tasks. Need a low table with chairs with back support.

Whiteboard Coffee/Dev Table - Will Be Built

There is enough space in the library to put down a coffee table once the cardboard storage is moved downstairs to the material rack. It would just be a coffee table version of the main floor tables with networking and power. Possibly even a magnifying light for small work.

Hammer Drill

Will need one to help with putting shelving on walls. May Be OBE - Ratmandu has a Hammer Drill on loan to the Shop

  • Votes & Donations
  • X = $?.??
  • Other Resources
    • Pending