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This page will be read by the script that creates new users, variables will be filled in, then it will be sent out to new people. Feel free to include important things.


To: $email Cc: From: Subject: Welcome to Makers Local 256

Hey, $firstname. Congratulations on becoming a member of Makers Local 256!

Now that you're a member, come by the shop some time and we'll get you access to open up the shop. You'll use either a USB flash drive or an NFC or RFID tag as your "key." We'll register your device in the system next time we see you. I have just set up an LDAP account for you. You can use the following username and password for all shop services:

Username: $username Password: $pass

The first thing you will want to do is change your password. To do so, login to

Please review the rules and policies currently active at Makers Local 256:

At your earliest convenience, please log into with your LDAP credientials so that you can donate to Makers Local via PayPal (or via your credit card). If you would like to physically deliver your donation instead, just drop it in the office donation box when you get a chance. There are envelopes on the side of the box if you need one. Either way, we need you to log in to the donation page so that we know when you've sent your donation each month. This makes life a little easier for our treasurer, so please do it as soon as possible. More information about donating to the shop can be found here:

  • Blog

As a member, you can log into and start posting about all your awesome projects on the Makers Local 256 blog.

  • Wiki

Collaborate with other members and contribute projects of your own on our wiki at The Wiki has a wealth of information about the shop, too, so be sure to check it out.

  • Webcams

See who's at the shop by going to Members have access to a few more cameras than non-members.

  • Twitter

Keep track of upcoming events and other Makers Local 256 news.

  • Mailing lists

You have just been subscribed to the Makers list and the General list. The General list is for anyone who is interested in hacker/maker-related activities; the Makers list is for members only. You can write to these lists at and respectively. You also have been subscribed to the makers-announce and general-announce lists. The makers-announce list is for private announcements like the door code, and general-announce is for public announcements like events at the shop. There are a few other lists with more specialized target audiences: You can subscribe to the Makers Local 256 Classifieds list if you would like to know about items people want to sell: If you're into amateur radio, or you want to be into amateur radio, check out the Hams list: Or maybe you want to know about the inner workings of the Makers Local network and IT services, in which case, check this out:

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to voice them to the board at Check out the new members page at for this information and more!

We usually don't give out tasks, but it would be great if you emailed and introduced yourself. We'd love to know what you like to make, how you found out about us, and what you are currently working on. We all love great projects - you never know; someone might be eager to assist with one of yours!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Most importantly, welcome! See you at the shop.

~Hunter <3