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This page will be read by the script that creates new users, variables will be filled in, then it will be sent out to new people. Feel free to include important things.


To: $email Cc: From: Subject: Welcome to Makers Local 256

Hey, $firstname. Congratulations on becoming a member of Makers Local 256!

I have just set up the username you requested and set a password for you:

Username: $username Password: $pass

Here's some stuff you should do, now that you're a member:

1. Visit and change your password.

2. Visit to set up your recurring donation to Makers Local via PayPal or credit card. We need you to log in to the donation page at least one time! Our suggested monthly donation amount of $17.63 is calculated by dividing our operating expenses across all our members. Our hope is that members will donate what membership is worth to them, but not more than they can afford. More information about donating to the shop can be found here:

3. Find an NFC or RFID "token" you can use to open up the shop. If you don't have one, you can buy one on Tuesday nights. Talk to me about setting it up once you have acquired one.

4. Review the rules and policies of Makers Local 256:

5. Check out these sites:

6. Email and introduce yourself! We'd love to know what you like to make, how you found out about us, and what you are currently working on. We all love great projects - you never know; someone might be eager to assist with one of yours!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Most importantly, welcome! See you at the shop.

~Greg <3