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==[[Meetings/2009-03|March 24 2009]]==
==[[Meetings/2009-03|March 24 2009]]==
==[[Meetings/2009-03-31|Emergency March 31, 200-]]==

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  • April 21 2009, 7:30pm - 8:30pm: General Meeting at shop


July 22 2008

Topic Presenter
Money from non members/Members rules Jeff/Matt
Treasurer's Report Jeff
Proposal for an Action Item List Jeff
In person monthly meetings Nathan
Liability release forms Jeff
Keep refrigerator cleaned out Nathan
Set Next Open House Date Sara (please see discussion below)
Swap Meet Ray
Hamfest Greg
Get 1 person to join Jeff
Coda development (for Bylaws) Jeff or David
Makers Local Shirts Nathan

August 26 2008

Topic Presenter
Open House (flyer, projects) Everyone
Appointment Making System JimShoe
Review of Action Items Everyone
MrWorld wants a Key Everyone
Phreaknic planning - which projects need to be done and by when. Everyone
What Email address to use for paypal? Jeff / Matt

September 23 2008

Topic Presenter
Open House Review Everyone
Next Open House Date Everyone
501c3 Status Omegix
Front Page Edits JimShoe
Phreaknic Status update Everyone
non board member attendance at Board meetings Brimstone
Review of Action Items Everyone

October 28 2008

Topic Presenter
501c3 Status Omegix
Fire Extinguisher Reimbursement ($49.97) Omegix
USB Servo Equipment Reimbursement (Cost about $60, Asking for $48) Omegix
Discuss Open House JimShoe && Everyone
Set cleaning day for Open House Everyone
Do we need a sign? JimShoe
Review of Action Items Everyone
Phone availability \ liability Omegix

November 18 2008

Topic Presenter
Review of Action Items Everyone
Formation of group (1-3 members) for design/creation of www front page korc
Tutorial on operation of gas heater  ???
Membership approval Omegix
Key additions Omegix
State Farm's insurance policies Omegix
Discussion of Election Process/Election of Board/Officers Everyone

December 16 2008

Topic Presenter
Review of Action Items Everyone
Vote on Key Requests Everyone
What to do with extra stuff/Cleaning Day Nathan
Treasurer Report Jeff
Next Open House Raymond
Need to find a new place Jeff

January 13 2009

Topic Presenter
Review of Action Items Everyone
Compiling of Charter Member pledge amounts for second fiscal year (starts in april) Jeff
Business Personal Property Coverage Jeff
501c3 Status Jeff
Green dotted items Nathan
Space Bob, Jeff, Ray, Nathan, Greg

February 17 2009

Topic Presenter
Review of Action Items Everyone
Reimbursement Request for Filing Amendment 3 Treasurer
Need a volunteer to maintain dues collection list and dues requests from non board memebrs Treasurer
Open House JimShoe
Info to give Jennifer in preparation of our Open House JimShoe
Vote on any new membership application JimShoe

March 24 2009

Topic Presenter
Review of Action Items Chairman
Treasurer's Report Treasurer
Facilities Committee Report Facilities Committee
Project/Event Updates Chairman
New Member Recognition Secretary
Decide next meeting date Chairman
Change Door Code if loss of member Secretary
Proposal/0007-Modification to membership Application Jeff
New Make Shop Space Update Everyone
Open House Final Review Everyone