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Project Name Description Status
The Hive secure data haven with personalized environments and unique management console The Hive
Peeple the google for finding people and information about them Peeple
Zombiebot graa? Zombiebot
Backpack Payphone battery powered voip payphone that can be worn like a backpack Planning
Victorian Cellphones belt clipped candlestick phone using voip Planning
WiFi Tag think laser tag but with directional 802.11a/b/g/n Planning
Bring Popcorn guerilla drive-in Bring Popcorn
GRLA FM Che Guevara radio, viva la radio del pirata GRLA FM
Make Shop a convenient place to make things Planning third Open House!
("pipe") a product to simplify a complex time Pipe dream, no pun intended :)
PDA magic window like Magic Screen Researching
Tablet sandbox e-zen-garden Pipe dream
Photobooth portable photobooth Photobooth
Multitouch screen making computing really hands on Built, working on the software from here on out.
guerilla filesystem seemingly limitless storage out of the ether Planning
Lamo's Way or How I Learned to Stop Hating and Love the System homeless living with a tech twist Researching
Garden Party What happens when you take a garden and toss in a little Croquet Pipe dream
HASAcon local hacker convention Planning
Flavor tabs mouth strips in more than just mint and cinnamon Pipe dream
Outerz0ne 3 talk first public talk Done
A Day in the Life would go hand in hand with Project Gargoyle Planning
RSS Gateway A "DVR" for the Internet Researching
Human Exploits Database how not to be predictable Researching
Mood Music empathic music Researching
Scavenger Hunts does this really need an explanation? Planning
Transparent Wall never wonder what's going on in the other room ever again Researching
L.A.S.E.R. Tag thank you Graffiti Research Lab Planning
SOW Signatures Observed Working, a snort signature testing method Researching
OpenID be in control of your ID Researching
MooFi empowering cattle everywhere Pipe dream
Overnet a proposal Researching
Urban ghosts when hearing voices is ok Researching
Uncleverly named video broadcasting project I'll fix this later... Researching
OpenWRT(or equivalent) modular usage making single use linux devices a lot more flexable Working, now for package development.