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** [http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31208235&l=c1676277b3&id=78201432 Photo 4]
** [http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31208235&l=c1676277b3&id=78201432 Photo 4]
** Used the [http://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Hula-Hoop/ Instructables guide] for this
** Used the [http://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Hula-Hoop/ Instructables guide] for this
* [[Maker Hoodie]]
==Would Like to Do==
==Would Like to Do==

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About Me

"It is he, the Mullet Hacker! See how he bears the sacred transparent aluminum and shoe tape!" ~ Gregabyte (Ref. USB Auth YouTube Video)

Adafruit android.jpg Adafruit dumpsterbadge.jpg Adafruit EAGLEbadge.jpg Adafruit hadbadge.jpg Adafruit highaltbadge.jpg Adafruit hellobadge.jpg Adafruit linuxbadge.jpg
  • Android Door Announcer
  • Assorted "Hello World" Apps in Eclipse
  • "Rooted" a Nook Color, G1, MyTouchSlide, Galaxy S
  • Scavenging Storage Units on Trash Day
  • Jello Shot Battleship
  • Motor Control Board for IEEE Robotics Competition
  • Languages: C++, C#, Java
  • Preferred Distro: Ubuntu
Adafruit mcubadge.jpg Adafruit multimeterbadge.jpg Adafruit oscilloscopebadge.jpg Adafruit roboticsbadge.jpg Adafruit solderingbadge.jpg Adafruit virbadge.jpg TrollPatch.jpg
  • Age 10: Rebuilt a golf cart's electrical system with my dad.
  • IEEE: Robotics Competition
  • IEEE: Robotics Competition
  • Watch out, we're dealing with a badass here
  • Doctor Who is just a cheap British ripoff of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Art-Patch.jpg Tedx.jpg

Badges graciously provided by of Adafruit.com (Troll Patch available from PatchTown)


  1. Mystery_Based_Scavenger_Hunt
  2. User friendly RSS Television Program
  3. Game Show Buzzers
  4. Beggar Bot
  5. LED Marquee
  6. One Wire Computer
  7. RC Lawn Mower
  8. Rod Project
  9. Sensor Matt
  10. Hacking POV Display
  11. GPS Positioned Videos
  12. Bathroom Occupied Sensor
  13. Omegix/USB Auth 1.7

OBE \ Loss of Interest

  1. Smartcard Reminder
  2. Mexican Cheese Dip Fountain Cheese Dip Fountain
  3. Lunch Ackis Module - implemented by opticron


Omegix General Status

Projects \ Group Projects


External Events

Misc Fundraising

External Projects

Replicated Projects


Stuff other people cooked up that I also did.

Would Like to Do

Make Shop Improvement Projects



Other Crap

  • Huntsville Wiki
    • Built a Huntsville community wiki for entertainment, food, etc.
    • Need to advertise at Bandito
  • Recipe Wiki
    • Created this a while back as a place for friends to share recipes.
  • IRC_RPG (expanded original idea to include world building, as would be found in a text based adventure)